Managed Services

A well maintained and updated website is very important to attract customers.

An attractive and user-friendly website makes the visitor interested.

But if the site contains out-dated information or links are broken, customers are unlikely to inquire for your products or service then all of your investment regarding that site is get in vain. It is a good idea to try to keep your website as up to date and as relevant as you can. If you leave it, it can quickly become outmoded and irrelevant.

I offer cost effective website maintenance service, website redesign service and customer support at affordable rates.

If you have a website that requires regular changes then a maintenance contract with me is essential to reduce your costs and stay profitable.

Website maintenance service, website redesign service and customer support and regular changes, during all the time we work together to stay profitable.

I also provide other related services e.g. banner design, logo design, web management, photo editing, photo watermarks (i.e. updating content and photos, fixing broken links etc.) etc.


Need to make sure your online service runs like clockwork?
Are you looking for quality servers for the operation of your online services?


I will care about your existing WordPress websites. I will ensure the smooth running, as well as the modification and development of websites according to your requirements and needs. I will also help you with their relocation and maintenance.

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On my website you can see all the services I offer, both in web design, SEO and website themes, all in one service. Everything you need to make your business successful. When it comes to creating a website, there are many technologies that can be used to make it a reality. And one of the leading CMS’s at the moment is WordPress. That’s why I work directly offering the WordPress web design service.